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The Best Wii Game You Haven't Played.

Reviewing: Nintendo Wii Excite Truck  |  Rating:
By zathras on
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I have had Excite Truck for the Nintendo Wii for almost 8 months now and it still gets regular play - which is saying something these days.

Excite Truck is a third person racing game (the camera hovers behind your car) where your goal is to both finish well but also to earn stars along the way by performing jumps, takedowns, tree runs, and any number of things.

You steer by holding your Wii remote sideways and steering it like a steering wheel. You can rotate it forwards and backwards in jumps to land well and get a speed boost.

This game really gives you an edge-of-your-seat-barely-in-control feeling that is very visceral. Tracks are varied from countrysides to snow covered glaciers and have a lot of replay in them to discover hidden paths and jumps. This is also a very family friendly game. Another nice feature is you can play your own MP3s while racing if you load them on an SD card and put them into the slot on the Wii.

I wish the multiplayer was a little bit better (online play would be excellent), but I'm sure there will be an Excite Truck 2 eventually!