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Cyn Bagley By Cyn Bagley on
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Since 1993, I buy my husband a Pendleton shirt for winter. When we were living in Panama, for some silly reason, the BX (Military store) had a bunch of Pendleton wool shirts for sale. It was strange because Panama is in the tropics and even though it is wet most of the time, the temperature is between 75-85 degrees year round.

The BX was trying to get rid of the shirts so I was able to get about five shirts for half the price. Yes, they were not used until we left a few years later, but I knew that eventually we would need the shirts. My family lived in the northwest part of the country, which gets cold and snowy every winter.

In 1998 we ended up in Germany. Between October to May, Germany can be cold and wet. Near Ramstein AFB, we had a lot of snow from Decenber to March. I have the pictures to prove it. Anyway, my husband was glad that we had those shirts. Our next stop was Northern Nevada. Once again from October to April, these shirts have been great for my husband. He works outside a lot (climbing roofs, antenna tours, etc.) so these shirts have been great.

What I live about these shirts is the quality. We still have the shirts I bought in 1993... and the one shirt a year that I have bought since then. They still fit.

My dad in Utah still wears the Pendleton shirts that my mother bought him in the 1980s. Yes, they are great shirts. And, now they have washable wool. Personally, I still dry clean the shirts because they wear better when dry-cleaned than washed. But, you have the option.

So if you want to see what Pendleton has today, the url is http://www.pendleton-usa.com/ .

They also make clothes for women.