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The Better Web Experience! Firefox 3.0

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By bay_wolf on
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With the introduction of Web 2.0 the web browsers must step up to the plate too. In this classic showdown we have, hailing from Microsoft, in the blue corner Internet Explorer 7 & in the opposing corner we have from Mozilla Firefox 3.0. This rivalry has been brewing for many years but in the past few Firefox has started to turn the tide and we will break down the 3 rounds and decide a winner.

Round 1 (Compatibility):

Firefox - being compatible with almost every website now, it has come a long way in its recent incarnations. Yet it still has room to improve. * you can use the IETAB plugin to make it compatible with every website*.

IE 7 - being compatible with every site under the sun and more it is the standard. Needing now add-ons to make it compatible.

Winner of round 1 is IE 7

Round 2 (Overall Speed):

Firefox - shows tremendous speed from the get go and an average load time of pages.

IE 7 - has a somewhat sluggish start and also average load times of websites.

Winner of round 2 is Firefox

Round 3 (Extendability):

Firefox - has a huge community that supports it and has thousands if not millions of add-ons to its name. (just look at screenshot #2)

IE 7 - recieves very few community driven add-ons and hardly any, if any at all, offcial add-ons.

Winner of round 3 is Firefox

And the winner of tonights fight is FIREFOX. Also showed by the contender is great safety on the net compared to Internet Explorer.