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The Bewitching Season By Marissa Doyle

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The year is 1837 and beautiful witch twins, Penelope and Persephone are getting ready for their "season." The season where they will be paraded around to men like cows at an auction. The goal of their parade is to find a worthy husband. Pen, personally, can't wait to be presented, but Perse is dreading the day. Then the twins' childhood friend, Lochinvar, returns from traveling the continent and seems to take an interest in ......both? While trying to discover which one of them he likes, they are sucked into a royal tragedy when their governess is kidnapped. In the end, the princess is saved by the knight in shining armor, one of the twins gets her prince, and unexpectedly, even the evil villain gets his happily ever after.

The thing I like about historical fiction is that you have to try harder to understand the main characters. As for example, when Perse thinks about kissing Lochinvar and calls it "unmaidenly, " when most of us would just call it prudish. It takes some times to comprehend their old timely views. Again this is a book that I greatly underestimated and it is by another author I heard just in passing, but from this book I can see she deserves much more attention. She has to be incredibly talented to stick to the beliefs of the past and sneak some modern slang into the book.