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The Big Red Machine Is Back

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It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I announce ATI's latest weapon capable of taking the fight to nVidia and their exorbitant ludicrous prices when it comes to graphic cards so without further a due I present to you AMD/ATI's latest weapon the HD 4850.Having been engineered to deliver high-end performance to cope with all the latest games and video intensive applications the HD 4850 is available in 512MB and 1GB editions in this review I will be focusing on the 1GB GDDR3 edition the 1GB contains certain benefits as it comes factory overclocked so naturally it's GPU speed is higher than the reference model. In these tough economic times if your not a crack dealer or 50 cent most of us can't afford to purchase high-end video cards and so we look to the mid-range to provide our gaming bliss but that's the beauty of the HD 4850 it's a mid-range priced card which delivers the performance of that of It's high end counterparts and in the so called mid-range bracket this card is unparalleled by it's brethren so for anyone on a budget but still seeking to play most current and future titles on the highest settings then look no further than the HD 4850 now for all you technical heads who are into the stats and specifications allow me to elaborate: The 1GB edition is core clocked at 625MHz it is also Cross Fire X capable as well as containing the latest Shader module 4.0 and Direct X 10.1 further future proofing this already exceptional card

Minimum System Requirements

1X Free PCI-E X16 slot

500Watt or greater Power Supply with a four pin PCI-E Connector.

When we bought the HD 4850 last year at rAge 2008 I wasn't quite sure what to expect...well yes I had herd all the hype but I truly wanted to see if ATI the Big Red Machine could deliever and oh boy the can. Firstly what I've found in my own personal capacity when using this card is that it requires very little overclocking I mean I can play titles like GTA IV with all the settings set to high and the shadow detail set to Very high and when I benchmarked it I got an impressive 53.4FPS which is not bad for a "Mid-Range" card now is it? In Batman Arkham Asylum a notoriously nVidia title with all the settings maxed out and my resulution set to 1280 X 1024 the frame rates are extremely fluid somewhere in the region of 60+. Soon I'll be trying out Need For Speed Shift as soon as the patch is released for ATI/AMD Graphic cards(nVidia biased games again when will it ever end) I'll be sure to post an update to keep all of you guys informed