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The Biggest Crocodile I Have Ever Seen

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Last week I watch movies "Rogue" in DVD, the story told about the river in the area of Australia and become the tour place for tourists, both local and international. The tour is about crocodiles who live along the river. The story begins around by an author who is responsible for writing about the crocodile in the river. He was went with a group of tourist using a boat to enjoy the tour, the river surrounded by mountain rocks. This tour is led and guided by the woman who will explain about the condition of natural habitats in this area.

After the tour finished, the guide manage to end this tour by return to dock. But one of the tourists see the beacon light accidentally. Then after some time the back light beacon visible again in the sky, then the guide initiate to see to the place and immediately contact the office tour.After reaching the place, there is no strange thing that happened, and then the boat was suddenly hit from under by something that causing the boat leak. The guide drive the boat to the river edge.

It causing by a very large crocodile. The tourists began to panic because this island will be submerged by high tide at night. Then panic happens after several tourists have been killed by the crocodile. The tourists try to cross the river using a rope on a tree to the other side.But their efforts failed, and the author suggested to use anchor boats to fishing the crocodile by using duck as a decoy. After a couple of minute the idea was successful. Then the tourists swim together, and the last one is the author. They all succeeded, except the guide, she was eaten by crocodile.

After crossing the river, the author manage to follow the guide dog that led to the crocodile's nest. In fact the woman is still alive despite severe injury. There was a scramble between author and the crocodile. The author use sharp wood to fight the crocodile and the crocodile successfully defeated by strike it to the mouth.Generally, this film is made simple and interesting, not many effects that are shown but still gives a good sense. At the end of the story the scene quite less interesting and chilling to the film.