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The Bigs For The Xbox 360

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By justinb24 on
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This is a farily fun arcade style baseball game. Once you pop it in your XBOX i would recommend that you try a exhibition first so you can get use the controls. You have a normal swing then you have a power swing, A power swing will make the ball travel much further and as it states give you player more power. Also to add some extra power they have turbo which you can build up and it will make you hit the ball farther but also harder. You can also use your turbo when your pitching to give your pitches some extra heat. Speaking of heat once you earn 100, 000 points (you get points by strikeouts, great plays & hits) You get Big heat (if your on the pitching side) which gives you some serious speed and accuracy on the ball but you can only use it on 1 batter but you can earn it more then once in a single game. Now on the batting side once you earn 100, 000 you get big heat which means you get a automatic homerun which is always nice when your struggling.

The rookie challenge is a nice break from original season modes that you currently see in baseball game. You start off as a rookie and train your rookie through challenges such as hittting, running & playing 3-9 inning games. Also they give you stat challenges to complete for example you hate to hit 1 home run with your rookie or get two hits. Then you receive experiance points to bulid your batter up. You can only build him up to 5 stars for every catagory which are power, contact, arm strength, fielding and speed.You will have to start off first in the grapfruit or catcus league depending on which team you want to join.

There is also an extra game mode called homerun pinball which is fun but can be frustraiting at times. It's where you pick any batter you want and you get to play in the middle of times square new york and you get points for hitting buildings, cars, billboards and even the famous times square new years ball. Overall this game has a-lot to offer especially if your as basebally fan you shouldn't ignore this game because there is plenty to do and does it very well.