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The Bigs Nintendo Wii

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By sylar on
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The Bigs is the first actual Baseball game for the Nintendo Wii. Currently the only other Baseball game for the Wii is: Wii Sports baseball. When you start The Bigs you are shown the usual "The Nunchuck is required to play this game that all the Nunchuck required games Show.

The Bigs has 5 Actual gameplay modes. Play Now, Exhibition, Rookie Challenge, Home Run Derby, and Multiplayer. When you start The Bigs for the first time you should click on Learn About The Bigs, it's basically a tutorial mode that teaches you the basic controls. In The Bigs learning the controls first hand is definitely the first thingyou need to do, learn them by first hand experience.

Graphics: You really shouldn't judge a game by it's Graphics. The Bigs has very nice Graphics for a Nintendo Wii game, although not the best, they are definitely nothing to laugh at. The Players, and the Stadiums look pretty nice.

Sound: The Sound on The Bigs could use some work. The speaker for the Sounds is in The Wiimote, If you hit the ball, you have a nice little sound as your bat connects with the ball. When you slide, you will hear it clear as day. The crowd booing and cheering. It's little things like this that helps The Bigs in the Sound Department.

Gameplay: The meat and potatoes of any video game is the Gameplay, usually the Gameplay will decide if you like a game, or if you hate it. The one thing that makes The Bigs different then any other baseball game is it's use of The Nintendo Wii's Motion Sensor. When your character is running, you can pump the Wiimote foward and back to make your character move faster. The Motion Sensoring in The Bigs is definitely not pefect. One of the main problems is being extremely careful which way you flick the Wiimote, If you're throwing it to a base, you can easily throw it to the wrong base on accident.

To remedy this an Altenate control for base throwing is using the Control pad on the Wiimote to throw the ball to the appropriate base, right is first base, up is second base, etc. One thing in The Bigs that isn't prominent in Baseball games is the Power Up Meter. It allows you to use a Power Blast (An instant Home Run if you hit the ball, it ends once you get struck out, or hit the ball.) and or Big Heat if your pitching (You throw strong pitches until the batter gets out, base hit, or gets walked. Throwing a Strike in Big Heat mode allows you to steal from your opponents Power Up Meter, one Strike takes 10%, 2 takes 25%, and 3 strikes takes away 50%.)

You can get Big Play points by getting Strikeouts, making a Jumping or Diving Catch, making a Double Play, Stopping a Home Run by wall Climbing, getting a hit, more points the better the hit is, getting hit by a pitch, getting walked, or stealing a base.

One thing i want to touch on is that The Bigs doesn't have a Season Mode. Instead it has Rookie Challenge. It's a mode that allows you to create a Rookie Baseball player. and bring him and his team up the ranks to hopefully become a World Series Championship team. Along theway you complete challenges to get points to upgrade your rookie's stats.

Play Now is a mode that allows you to go right into a game, the only things you pick are the Home and Away teams, and whiich team you want to play as. the Home team stadium will always be used, The default team lineups will always be used and the options that are used will be the ones that you set on the Options screen on the Main Menu. Exhbition is like Play Now except you can change the optiodn, Team Lineup, etc. Multiplayer lets you and 2-4 friends play together.

Overall The Bigs is a fun game to play. Maybe not worth the Price Ta, but it's atleast worth $20, or a rental. I give the game an overall of 4/5