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The Blackberry Bold Will Never Get Old!!!!

Reviewing: Research In Motion Blackberry Bold 9000  |  Rating:
Alex Rakhminov By Alex Rakhminov on
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I bought the Blackberry Bold right after I sold my Iphone 3G, and let me tell you I definatly did the right thing, because the Blackberry Bold has a thousand more better features then the 3G, and also the Bold is more of a business phone unlike the garbage Iphone 3G which is a rip off phone. Now the things that I really like about the Bold is that it looks big and all but it is extremely light, and the back of the phone fells like its made out of leather, but it is really polyester, but still it makes this phone a lot more conftrable. The other thing that I really like about this phone is the great keypad that it has because it is so easy and spectacular too type on this phone, and for this reason that's why its a great business phone.

The next thing about the Bold is the great Internet Browsing material that it has. The reason that I like the Internet is that it is really quick, and also it has one of the best Internet service that any other phone that I know has. The next thing that's great about this phone is that it has many great specs to it. One of the cool spec that I really like is when you go into a dark room the phone senses it and the lights glow up, and this shows us that it truly is a great smart phone.

Overall I really love this phone and I can really tell you that this phone is 100 times better then the Iphone 3G, and for all you business men out there I would highly recommend this phone to everyone.