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The Blue Blur's First Game...........And Its A Classic!

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Craig Stephenson By Craig Stephenson on
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Blue Sonic Blurs Games Classic

Sonic the hedgehog is one of the most famous gaming icons in the world and sega’s answer to rival Nintendo’s super Mario series back in the early 90’s when the Sega megadrive and the super Nintendo were battling it out to become the best gaming console. The first ever game to star the speedy hedgehog was simply called sonic the hedgehog, and appeared on the Sega megadrive or genesis if you come from the states, and its this game I will be taking a look at and reviewing!

The story in sonic the hedgehog is a mad evil scientist named Dr. Robotnik or Dr. Eggman as he is now called, is wanting to rule the peaceful south island and in order to do this he is converting the small innocent animals of the island into robots to serve the mad doctor’s evil tasks! The robots or badniks as they are referred to in the game are helping Robotnik to find the all powerful chaos emeralds, so he can become all powerful and not jus rule south island but control the world with the six colourful emeralds! Most of the animals are only small cute creatures and don’t stand a chance against robotnik’s massive contraptions…………however there is one animal a hedgehog actually that has the skills and defiantly the speed to end robotniks mad reign of terror, step forward Sonic the hedgehog! Sonic has the ability to stop robotnik with his super speed, his trademark sonic spin and his attitude against evil, so watch out robotnik because this hedgehog isn’t planning on turning into a badnik anytime soon!

Sonic the hedgehog is a 2D platforming game and the gameplay is a like most platforming games, accept it’s a faster game than most 2D platformers. Like most platforming games the objective in sonic the hedgehog is to finish each stage that lies before sonic whilst defeating badniks and avoiding traps, spikes, and bottomless pits along the way. In order to complete the game 100% sonic must collect the chaos emeralds, which are hidden in special stages at the end of each normal stage, if sonic manages to collect fifty rings or more by the end of the stage he can jump through a giant ring and has a chance to find one of the chaos emeralds. The gameplay in sonic the hedgehog is simple but very addictive, sonic can use his speed to dash through the levels whilst collecting rings and crushing badniks. Rings are vital to collect as long as sonic has one ring he can take as many hits as he wants from a badnik, spikes etc. If sonic has fifty rings or more at the end of a level, a giant ring appears and if sonic jumps through it he has a chance to find and obtain a chaos emerald. Sonic only really has two ways to attack and that is either by jumping on his enemies, or by his trademark move his super sonic spin dash! The spin dash is where sonic curls himself into a spiked ball and really turns himself into a blue buzz saw, mowing most enemies down that stand in his way. This move is a great move to use not only does it destroy most enemies and keeps sonic’s speed up, but it can also destroy some walls and reveal shortcuts! Again like most platformers sonic can obtain power ups to help him through his adventure, I won’t spoil the power ups but trust me there are some good ones! The graphics are also very good even by today’s standards they shape up really well, they are crisp and quite clear, from sonic’s signature blue colour to the murky green water in the labyrinth zone. Sonic the hedgehog has great graphics especially going by other games which were released in 1991.

The reason why sonic the hedgehog is different and better than most 2D platforming games is because of the speedier gameplay. Most platformers are quite slow games to play, but sonic the hedgehog changes this the gameplay is faster and the game wants you to go faster, sonic may have a few skills but his trademark move is his speed and the game wants to show off sonic’s speed by adding springs which makes you go even faster loop the loops which shows off his speed and is best when sonic is doing is super sonic spin dash to go even faster than running! Altogether sonic the hedgehog is great game and is sonic’s first game and propelled the hedgehog to stardom, if you fancy a no nonsense cooler hero to Mario and a platformer with faster gameplay then sonic the hedgehog is the game for you its addictive and most people consider the 2D sonic games better than the newer 3D games and is one of the best platforming games available.