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The Book For Married And Soon To Be Married Couples

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My marriage is okay. We are not on the verge of divorce (thank God). But it can definitely get better. My husband and I fight and we really fight. My husband doesn't hurt me physically, but we can really have a hurtful exchange of words. We have happy times, then the fighting times. In short, the joy seems to be escaping us.

When the New Year came this year, a friend of mine in a different city who is a book editor, asked for my home address because she said that she wanted to give me something. She gave me this book entitled Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. I was not able to read it until I got sick and had nothing to do. I spent a whole day reading over 50 pages of the book. I could not read straight because I kept crying. It seems I wsa reading about our marriage.

Indeed Love & Respect summed up our problems in our marriage by just two words "Love" and "Respect." There are the two basic things that we needed. I needed to know and feel that I am loved while my husband needed to know and feel that he is respected. This answer is not just the experiential story of the writer but biblically based, that is why I am so blessed after reading the book.

Actually, I was not able to finish reading the book yet but it has definitely improved my relationship with my husband. We have handled our differences better, and we do not fight about them anymore. I am able to accept that his love for me is the same and does not waver despite what I am feeling and he is able to accept that I respect him just the same.

This book opened my eyes to many biblical truths about marriage. I pray that many more people will get to read this book, either to save their marriage or to improve an already loving one.