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The Book Of Fred By Abby Bardi

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By dmk417 on
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This book is just fine for the younger reader. I was under the impression that it was a more adult book, being that I got it in the grown-up section, but it is really more appropriate for a young adult. The idea of this book is actually much better than the reality. Initially, it sounds like very creative fiction, mentioning communes and the worshipping of "Fred." What you end up with, though, is a very topical, somewhat cutesy story about a shabbily-dressed girl who starts out shy, believing what she had always been told. Throughout the story, she, of course, transforms into the beautiful, not-so-naive regular girl you would expect her to become, becuase we have all read this story one hundred times; it just has a different title. In this rendition, Mary Fred is made to live in a foster situation with a crazy family, including a drug addict, an over-eater, and a mother figure who is constantly on the lookout for something to worry about, yet she never really catches on to anything going on under her own roof. As these characters come to love each other, we are taken on a journey where we root for Mary Fred to finally just be "normal" and for the happily ever after that is bound to come in such a story. I enjoyed the story. It has a fun feeling to it that allows you read it quickly and the characters are just quirky enough to work.