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The Box Film Review, Cameron Diaz And James Marsden.

Reviewing: Not Too Sure, The Box Dvd  |  Rating:
By Cara Seaborn on
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I have to say I was rather disappointed with this film. It wasnt because of Cameron Diaz or James Marsden. They looked great and used their great acting skills. It's just, the story line bored me and my friends who watched it and they commented it was a shockingly bad film too. There are wierd bits in it that I do not understand why they are in there, other than to just use pretty computer effects.

The idea she gets $1, 000, 000 if she pushes the button at a sacrifice that of a person's life is good, that was why we watched it in the first place, it sounds interesting, but really it's not as amazing as it could be. You find yourself watching it like a zombie just to see whats going to happen, you started it so you might as well finish it.

How ever I do remember I liked the sound they used, creating suspense and atmosphere as well as any other film does. So kudos to them for that :)

A great movie to spark a debate for, would you do it. Personally although the money is tempting, there is no way I could do it. I couldn't live with taking an innocent persons life, and in the end karma gets us all. It's a dramatic ending I have to say I enjoyed that bit, but I would never ever watch it again,