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The Bride's Year Ahead: Book, Yay Organizer, Nay

Reviewing: The Bride's Year Ahead: The Ultimate Month By Month Wedding Planner Deluxe Edition By Marguerite Smolen And Andrea Feld  |  Rating:
By marnm02 on
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This organizer is a giant box with a book, organizer, and write-your-own file tabs inside.

The book is wonderful. I don't know where I would be without it. It's compact, sturdy and beautifully illustrated. It's divided by tabs into chapters starting with Tweleve Months Ahead and ending with One Month Ahead. This approach is what makes me love this book! The first page of each chapter give you a calendar for that month, a small pouch for documents, and a to-do list for that month. The rest of the pages explain how to best get all your to-do's done for the month, and show beautiful illustrations pertaining to what you are doing, and worksheets to help you along. This book has really helped me avoid stress, by breaking down tasks so I'm not going crazy trying to figure out what needs to be done when.

The organizer, however, belongs in the garbage can. The only good thing about it are the first two pages, which are perforated instruction cards for each attendant detailing what they are traditionally supposed to do. Those are great, although some parts need to be edited since we aren't going to be following traditon 100% of the time. The rest of the book is thin little plastic jackets with openings on top that you can stick the little customizeable tabs in. These are useless. Nothing fits in the jackets, not even a piece of paper unless you fold it up. If you do manage to squeeze anything in there it is a nightmare to get out without ripping it. The tabs are too small for the inserts and end up falling out all over the place.

I don't use the organizer. My Tying the Knot book has better pockets for holding things, so I use that, and put some smaller things inside the pouches in the main Bride's Year Ahead book. Just a regular file box or folder would also work.

If you can find a way to buy just the main book in this set for less money you will be much better off. Maybe check ebay.