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The Camping Chair You Can Use In Your Office

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Brad Carroll By Brad Carroll on
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I bought two fold-out Quad Chairs from the Bass Pro Shop in Branson, MO. I use one of them as an office chair. The other got a little bent up.

Now let me say right now that I'm about 210 lbs and my housemate is a little more that. A good friend of ours, well I don't know how much he weighs but he's six-foot-three and I bet he could pick up a car. And one or all of us ended up bending the aluminum bar-supports of one of the chairs. Unfortunate, but it can be avoided.

As an example, the other chair is in great condition and I'm sitting in it to write this review. I'm a little on the broke side right now, so my home office consists of an old writing desk, a laptop, and this camping chair. So with proper treatment, these chairs can last you a while.

But if you're a big guy (or gal), you'll need to be careful about a) sitting on the edge of the seat and b) putting too much weight on the end of the arms when you get up. Follow these two rules and everything should be okay.

These chairs would probably be some of the most comfortable you could have for camping. As office chairs they're not half-bad, but they're not as good as...well...office chairs! Well duh, you're saying. I know...but if you're on a budget, they can work for a while, and not just for the office. (Ease of use as a camping chair is almost a 5 rating, but slightly less in this review due to it not being the best chair substitute for your home. Which it wasn't meant to be, but this is my own review, right?)

If you're in college on a budget, or just plain on a budget, they can make great extra chairs for when you have company. I bought mine for less than ten bucks a pop so they're not a bad investment.

Just don't stand up in one to change a light bulb.