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The Carol Burnett Show The Collector's Edition

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By mary on
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This DVD is distributed by Columbia House Video Library. It features Episode 1 with guest star Dinah Shore which aired November 13, 1976 and also Episode 2 with guest stars Roddy McDowell and The Jackson 5 which aired March 16, 1974. Episode 1 contains a very memorable and hilarious skit which was a take off on Gone With The Wind. It was called Went With The Wind. The familiar scene that received the most rave reviews and my favorite scene was Carol Burnett as Scarlett descending the staircase wearing a dress fashioned from a drape with the curtain rod still in it. Other highlights include Carol Burnett introducing Anthony Hopkins who was sitting in the audience. That was a thrill for me since he is my favorite actor. Tim Conway plays his very funny old man character as a butcher. That made me laugh. I always crack up when Tim Conway plays an old man. Then Dinah Shore plays a part in the Basin Street, New Orleans finale. Episode 2 centers around the first family where we find the somewhat obnoxious Mama played by Vicki Lawrence. I don't think anyone can play Mama the way Vicki Lawrence portrays this character. Carol Burnett plays Mama's daughter, Eunice and Roddy McDowell plays her brother, Phillip. Even though Phillip wins The noble Prize, all his creative accomplishments are somewhat ignored. I thought this is such a dysfunctional family but very entertaining to say the least. I enjoyed The Jackson 5 performance as well. A jolting Los Angeles Earthquake scene is also part of this episode. The sound quality of this DVD was very good and the color was clear and sharp.