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The Cars

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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Spoiled I am, on that vintage era of Rock-N-Roll. I can't remember a day without listening to some of my favorite tunes. Some bands from the day, are considered borderline, when described as rock bands.

One band that swayed back and forth from Pop to Rock was the Cars. The first album from the Cars was like a new candy, similar to Pop Rocks: pun intended, to get you smiling.

‘Good Times Roll', opens the Cars self titled introduction album with an instant hit. It rattles the normal Rock lined senses of the freaks from my day. We were a little gullible in that a band such as the Cars could throttle to the top. I am surprised that they were so successful with the peachy instrumentals. Not heavy, and sort of lame at times.

‘My Best Friends Girlfriend', follows with another track which hit near the top of the charts. 1978 saw more than just a couple Cars features top the airwaves. The very next song after this hit, ‘Just What I Needed', kept the Cars on a roll. This group took hold of the misguided youth, branding them rebels of a new age.

‘I'm In Touch With Your World', reminds me of some David Bowie. This slow piece of music with sound effects as a form of music, adding the touch of some tight guitar, makes you feel relaxed and distant. I feel like I am floating. I doubt that anyone can be in touch with my world, I am floating away.

The 5th song, ‘Don't Cha Stop', was more on the super lame side. I can't stand this poor excuse for a song. I feel like the aliens have landed, and the sickness is taking over. This song reminds me of the ‘Way Outs', that cartoon rock band from the Flintstones.

The #6 song is a popular title from this band, though I believe this one is better off without the synthesizer. ‘You're All I've Got Tonight', sends it both ways, with just enough to get the attention needed to make it a hit. This one was a pretty cool, but like I said, the synthesizer could have been left out.

‘Bye Bye Love' is on now. This one is really cool from my point of listening. It was one of those songs that showed some people, that Rock-N-Roll, had more than one face. It is a very constructive love song, about hitting the road. It was the style of the Cars, to love them, and leave them. I feel this one was a little like the band ELO, with a dash of Meat Loaf.

‘Moving In Stereo' had an impact on the listener as well. Alice Cooper comes to mind here. I like the slow creeper that this one is, as well as the way it identifies with the style, of who the Cars were.

‘All Mixed Up' ends the carnival ride, as that is how I would describe the album in general. It was not that bad of a song either. This song, for some reason, reminds me off late fall. I like it, and that's about all I can say on this one. It was a hit, and that is what counts.

The album/CD, is part of my collection, but it sits a little lower than the next Cars release. I would give this one 4 of 5 stars.