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The Christmas Scrapbook By Philip Gulley

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This is my first experience with a book written by Philip Gulley. I wanted to read this particular book because it is a Christmas story, and with Christmas right around the corner, I felt now would be a good time for a book such as this.

The Christmas Scrapbook is part of a series called the Harmony Stories. Harmony is a small town, and Sam Gardner is the pastor of this little community. This year, he wants to give his wife a really nice Christmas present, as he usually falls short in that area. So months before Christmas, he starts taking scrapbooking classes on Wednesdays so that he will be able to make a really lovely gift for his wife. But unfortunately, he seems to be all thumbs with scrapbooking, and his absence every Wednesday starts rumors in this small community, such as he is having an affair, or he's dying from a dread disease and is receiving treatments on Wednesday in the hopes of saving his life.

This little book was only 89 pages long, but it was a funny and cute story. The author, Philip Gulley, is a Quaker minister, and I was pleased to read this story by him and be entertained by it. I have another Christmas story by Philip Gulley that I will review as soon as I have finished it, and I believe that I may very well look up some of his other books.

If you are looking for entertaining and innocent stories, I think Philip Gulley would appeal to you.