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The Chronicles Of Narnia:Prince Caspian

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The Chronicles of Narnia:Prince Caspian, is the second installment of "The Chronicles of Narnia" directed by Andrew Adamson. First off, if you haven't seen the first one, you should watch that. It is a very good movie, and it establishes the attitude and actions of the characters, so it is easier to understand the second one. The movie starts out with Lord Miraz's wife giving birth to a son, so Prince Caspian runs away and is chased after by Miraz's horsemen. After falling from his horse, he blows the horn that his profesor gave him, the horn of Queen Susan, because a few dwarfs come out of hiding and rush at him. Then the movie takes you to a train station where Peter and Edmund have just finished a fight and they are waiting for a train to school, then after a pinching feeling, the four Pevensie children return to Narnia, only to discover that hundreds of years have passed since they ruled there, and the evil King Miraz has taken charge. The children find there old treasures which are thousands of years old, and they set out in search for people of Narnia. Along the way they find two Telmarines trying to drown a dwarf, they rescue the dwarf, and he becomes their guide. Soon after they meet up with Caspian and his new Narnian friends, and they go to Aslan's How and decided to attack King Miraz's castle. It all leads up to a final battle at Aslan's How between Peter and Kind Miraz, Peter wins, but they are not faithful to there word and attack anyway. The Narnia's win with help from Aslan. At the end of the movie, after a kiss between Susan and Prince Caspian, the Pevensie's go back to Finchley England, and the movie ends, it was an amazing movie.