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The Client By John Grisham

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Kat Mitschke By Kat Mitschke on
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I have read almost all the books written by John Grisham and just finished "The Client". This is a story about two young brothers who are witnesses to a lawyer trying to commit suicide and one of the brothers becomes more involved than he ever dreamed possible. As the older brother was trying to keep the lawyer from killing himself he is grabbed and held for a short time by the lawyer, who not only is trying to commit suicide but is stoned and drunk. He tells Mark, the older brother, where the body of a U. S. Senator is hidden and therein lies this wild and crazy tale of a 12 old boy outsmarting the Mafia and the F.B.I. The classic Grisham humor about the legal blundering of the law enforcement agencies is at its very best in this book. At the end when the Mafia is trying to dig up the body of the senator I laughed so hard I could hardly read. It is an easy reading and very entertaining book as are all of John Grisham's books.