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The Clique Hue Hd

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By hamman42 on
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I have always been needing to find a real webcam considering all the video chats I do. So first thing I think of is, I'm probably going to spend $50 or more. I look around and find this nifty little device and say to myself, eh it's probably one of those devices where the manufacturer makes it look nice so they can sell it for a high price. Well in all honesty I was wrong. The image quality on this thing is better than any webcam over $50 I have seen and for $30 you can't beat that! When I video chat with my co-workers and friends they tell me that it feels like their right in front of me. Aside from the quality, the design is genius. A small dock plugs into the user's desktop in which the webcam can then be plugged into the dock. The webcam features a bendable, yet very sturdy cord that attaches to the dock which allows many interesting angles as opposed to having a normal webcam sit on top of your monitor. This webcam also features a button on the back which allows the user to take a quick picture. The webcam features a built in microphone (common for most webcams, but just wanted to mention) and what I find interesting is that it has drivers for not only Windows but also for Macintosh. The webcam can also be used for plugging into a laptop, just simply take the webcam out of the dock and connect it to a USB port on your laptop and the self standing, bendable cord will hold it up. Lastly, I would like to mention the Webcam comes in a variety of colors to fit the users personality. I would also like to recommend that if the user wishes to "Video Chat" with a friend that they use the popular softwares, ooVoo or Skype. This is a review by Hamman42, hope this helps your decision on which webcam buy.