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The Cooler Master Elite 430 Review

Reviewing: Cooler Master Elite 430 Atx/Micro Atx  |  Rating:
Molly Meadows By Molly Meadows on
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The Cooler Master Elite 430 is the best Computer case I have owned.

The box looks very nice and is easy to carry and has handles on the sides for lifting. The design on the box looks nice and tells you all the details about the Elite 430 that you would need to know before buying it.

After opening the box the first thing i noticed was how lightweight it was and how easy it was to lift up. Only weighing 14 pounds taking it out of the box was easy because of this and it also made it less of a job to set up. The Elite 430 has a window on the side of it that allows you to see inside it, this is nice for impressing your friends or anyone that sees your computer, allowing them to see inside. You can have up to 5 Fans on the Elite 430 and it already comes with a fan in the front for air intake, to cool the Hard Drives and the rest of the computer. In the box you find a ziplock bag full of screws and everything you need for setting up the case.

Installing the motherboard was simple and only took maybe 10 minutes to get done. The PSU sits at the bottom of the case rather than the top. This helps keep everything cooler which helps everything run better and smoother. My Hard drives slide into their place smoothly and then can be locked into place with a tool less clip that turns which I had no trouble with at all. but then I tried doing the same with my DVD drive, and it slide into the case. but the clip would not stay in right, this probably has to do with my DVD drive, and has nothing to do with the case it self, but it's still a little disappointing.

After getting everything hooked up and ready to go. plugging the power in and pressing the power button. It came on. and the fan started up. It started up smooth and was silent with a blue LED on the fan that lights up the room inside of the case and also the front of it. this looks cool. but can be a little annoying. with no way to turn it off without turning the fan off it self, it just has to be ignored. After I was done with that I did a tempter test and it was lowered almost 20 °F. so if the light doesn't bother you or you can ignore it, or if you are really serious then you could mod it or even get it replaced with a better one. then it is worth it.

And here is a summary of it.

Pros: Lightweight, Silent, plastic see through door on the side, great air circulation, easy to set up.

Cons: Could not get my DVD to clip in, LED can be annoying.

Thank you for reading this review of the Cooler Master - Elite 430.