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The Corruption Of Dorian Gray A Review

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By hpfan on
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The Picture of Dorian Gray written by the famous British author, Oscar Wilde, is fascinating piece of fiction about sin and how it corrupts the morals of the human soul.

The novel begins with an introduction of Basil Hallward, an artist, involved in discussion with his close friend, Lord Henry (often refered to as "Harry" throughout the novel", about a fascinating young man he has recently met named Dorian Gray. Lord Henry insists on meeting Dorian after Basil goes on about how he is beautiful and his personal "secret".

Harry introduces himself to Dorian and they immediately become friends. Upon Harry's introduction, Dorian's corruption begins. Harry beings to fill Dorian's mind with his own personal philosophies about life and the world, many of which would be considered very sinful, most especially Harry's ideal about taking advantage of one's youth before they grow old.

In the meantime, Basil finishes his portrait of Dorian and Dorian grows mad of how it is a picture of him young forever and he will grow old while the picture taunts him by being young. Dorian immediately listens to Harry and begins a life down the wrong path; a life that is full of corruption.

As Dorian continues his corrupted path, he begins to take notice of his picture changing. While he is maintaining his youthful looks, his picture is growing older and showing the effects of his sinful ways! The story begins to unfold and the audience witnesses the greatest corruption of an innocent man and how the want of being youthful forever can destroy one persons own soul.

Wildes uses of figurative language and various symbolism enrich the novel and take the reader on an imaginative path of their own. His fearful, yet thrilling ending will leave readers thinking. Dorian Gray is very much a picture of the world today as well as peoples lives. The idea leaves the audience wondering...what is this world coming to?