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The Count Of Monte Cristo

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By Gnoblin Torres on
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For a life that could have been a happy life, what sort of punishments can a man inflict on those who had shattered his life?

"The Count of Monte Cristo", the book by Alexandre Dumas, the book I had read many times (and still reading!), had such a theme of revenge, not a hurried one but like a slow, lingering death.

When Edmond Dantes, the protagonist, start being lucky in being nearly made a captain of the ship Pharaon and soon be wed to his beloved Mercedes, those whom he had called to be his friends started their secret plan to thwart his happiness. This led to his imprisonment for 14 years, his miraculous escape, to his embodiment as being the Count of Monte Cristo, powerful and wealthy beyond imagination.

One by one, those who had trodden their feet on him begun to receive their punishment. One committed suicide, the other became insane and the other was stripped of his money. Not only did he punished the wicked, but had rewarded those who had shown kindness while he was in prison.

I love the book because it it an exciting read. Monte Cristo's careful and interconnecting plan to crushed his enemies leaves me breathless during my reading. Though there's a movie adaptation, reading the book captivated Dantes' struggles more. Because he's wealthy, he played the God of Vengeance as he strucked down his enemies but also became the God of Mercy as he helped those who had loved him.

This book is an interesting read. Go grab this book when you see one and be captivate by the Count's adventure!