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The Craziest 3 D Adventure Ever!

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Jemmy Hosea By Jemmy Hosea on
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This is a 3D adventure game for Windows. This is the craziest game I ever played! The story tells about a man named Alex who was the only survival from government investigation of weapon development. The government made a powerful virus to inject it to solders in order to make them powerful and unbeatable. Too bad, the virus has it side effect, and begin to spread at the city, make citizen slowly turns into dead walker, some of them becomes powerful dead walker called "Hunters". As a result, government decided to eliminate all the infected. In this game, Alex is fight with two sides; the government itself and the infected. As one of the infected, Alex has lots of abilities. He can change his power to claws power, hammer fist, etc in order to kill his enemies. Alex also can disguise into one of the army or citizen by "consume" them. Consume here means is by eating them to gain more health and disguise into their form. Alex also can call for an air strike to bombard pointed location and drive choppers and battle tanks. In this game, Alex can also upgrade his power from time to time to become stronger and be the ultimate creature. The final boss is the "Hunter Leader" which Alex will battle at the mother ship. If Alex fails, then the entire city will be nuke to hell. This game has a stunning 3D effect. I played this game with Samsung LCD 22". The image is so smooth and brilliant. For gamer mania, you should try this game. Make sure you have a high-end graphic card and very fast processor to play this game.