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The Dakota South Paw Watch

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I got my first watch as a gift when I was in first grade. I’ve had many watches since then, and I’ve always worn them on my right wrist. This makes sense for someone who’s left-handed, right?

I never gave much thought to the reason why we wear our watches on our non-dominant hands, but I’m guessing it’s because we use our dominant hands to put them on and buckle them, which means by default they have to be worn on the opposite hand.

I’ve noticed that many, many lefties simply wear their watches on their left wrists. I formed the habit when I was six years old of wearing mine on my right wrist, but all watches have the pin on the right side of the face (I bet if you’re a righty you never noticed that before!). I always had to adjust the time on my watch before I put it on simply because when I’m wearing a watch the pin was on the elbow side of my arm, and I would have to bring my left hand across the face of the watch and awkwardly try to pull out the pin and adjust the time.

One day I was browsing the internet and I came across a left-handed store. This place sold common items like left-handed scissors as well as unique things like left-handed pencils. I saw this watch and knew I had to have it. I did a web search for the company (Dakota Watches) and placed an order.

I waited about a week for it to arrive, and I couldn’t wait to open it and try it out. It has a simple face with all 12 numbers and ticklines for each minute. There is a red second hand, and the black hour and minute hands are set against a white face. The band that came on the watch is narrow and made of black leather. It also has an illumination feature that is activated when you press the pin located at 8 o’clock.

I have to admit that it was difficult to get used to having the pin on the correct side. I spent almost 20 years with the pin on the wrong side, and I was accustomed to it. I have always worn my watch very close to my wrist, but with this watch the pin would poke the back of my hand if I bent my hand back towards the watch. I quickly adapted, however, and I just love it now!

The first time I took this watch to a jeweler to have the battery replaced I got several compliments on it. No one there had ever seen a left-handed watch before, and after the man put the battery in he set the watch for me. I got a little bit of satisfaction at watching while he tried to figure out how to set it with the pin on the wrong side for him!

I’ve had this watch for over two years, and it’s my dressy watch. I wear it when I want to look dressed up, or dressy casual. I have a cheaper Timex watch that I got at Wal-Mart that I wear for everyday around the house activities simply because I only have one of these left-handed watches and I don’t want to scratch it or break it.

Just as some lefties wear their watches on their left wrists, I’m fairly certain that a good number of righties walk around with watches adorning their right wrists. Whether you’re left or right-handed, this is a great watch for you if you wear it on you right wrist and get tired of having to awkwardly reach across each time you cross a time-zone, switch into or out of Daylight Savings Time, or want to light up the watch face in a dark area. The price isn’t bad, either.