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The Dark Divine (Dark Divine, 1) By Bree Despain

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This book blew me out of the water and was so good it scared me. I am ecstatic to admit that I have found another favorite, but this story rivals the best. I think this is Bree's debut book and I have to say that this book brewed up a storm so big that I have nothing but great expectations for her. I hope she continues to write and when her next book comes out it is half as good as this one.

This book has a certain look to it that makes me think of Hush, Hush, but has only a little similarity to it and is more similar to Twilight. Why? I wouldn't want to spoil it for you. When you look at the cover and read the back or inside, you don't get many clues about what Daniel really is and when you figure it out, it just jumps out at you.

I absolutely love Bree's characters. They contain such depth and personality. I think I read somewhere that the best story is one that has understandable main characters, but also has good supporting characters to stand on. I believe that to be true and know that this book was made for that statement.

I love a good puzzle and this story was one of the hardest to solve. Everytime I thought I had a piece of the puzzle it was yanked back with a vengeance and I loved every moment of it. Bree kept me on my toes and readied me each time she decided to be generous and throw some few choice clues to me. When I finished this book I was smiling from ear to ear, happy at the ending, and filled with a sense of pleasure that could only come with completing a great task. So the next time this wonderful author decides to step down from her throne and grace us with another book, my heart will be ready for the exciting rollercoaster ride or so I can only hope!