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The Dark Knight Movie

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By wolf on
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If you are a fan of the "new" batman then this movie is for you ! The next generation Batman does a good job of keeping your attention and bonding with the characters. Batman`s gadgets are hi-tech and fun to watch in action, although the new "batmobile takes some to get used to even though it was in the first film. Batman`s nemisis "Joker" Is an extremley intense character which may be too violent for the younger set ! A far cry from the Joker of the sixties original show or even Jack Nicholson`s portrayal. The film itself is a journey into the criminal mind and sense of being safe is in question the whole movie. Perhaps society today may have alot to do with it, Learning what may have happened in one`s childhood is disturbing and can hit close to home. In edition, the now deceased Heath Ledger actually stars in this movie, the fact that he may win a grammy, being gone as it were is a strange concept but who knows. All and all a very good film with excellant visuals and sound, The blueray disk is geared for sound, a good surround system will do it justice, thumbs up to The Dark Knight !!.