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The Dark Knight On Dvd

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By tjenkins602 on
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Summer of 2008, I went to see The Dark Knight in the cinemas. While I enjoyed it, I was amazed at how well liked it turned out to be, reminiscing on the failure that was Batman and Robin. I can't say I was as impressed with this one as I was with Batman Begins but it grew on me. Heath Ledger plays an interesting Joker in the fact that he is actually not all that funny. (Jack Nicholson's Joker often had me in stitches) But I think that was the point, the Joker isn't funny but a psychopath.

Christian Bale reprises his role as Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy who secretly dresses up in a suit and takes on the criminal underworld. Morgan Freeman reprises his role as Lucious Fox, Bruce's assistant. Gary Oldman plays Jim Gordon, Aaron Eckhart plays as Harvey Dent, a tragic character.

The DVD is actually a surprise to me due to the complaints I hear about the picture quality and the sound. I didn't find much wrong with the picture except when I looked up close at the screen. The sound is reminiscent of the early DVDs released in the late 90s. I'm finding myself having to play with the volume a bit and this is Dolby 5.1. Apparantly, they neglected their favorite Dialnorm feature which is okay with me. I like the added Dynamic Range.

The extras were few, all there was were Harvey Dent's campaign and trailers for The Dark Knight and this was on a 2 disc set. I wasn't viewing on an advanced TV set up so I didn't notice anything too bad about the picture except somehow it seemed less sharp than the picture on Batman Begins.