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The Day After Tomorrow 2004

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The Day After Tomorrow is a movie based on what could happen to the earth in the near future because of global warming. This has got to be my favorite movie ever. In the movie Dennis Quaid plays Jack Hall, a climatologist, and does a terrific job. Hall predicts that the earth could enter a second ice age because of global warming, but it would be a hundred, maybe a thousand years later. But soon, the earth starts to experience wierd weather patterns, and he finds out that it is all starting now. As his son is stuck in Manhatten because of the storm, three huge superstorms form above Canada, Siberia, and Iceland. In the eye of these superstorms, temperatures are about -150 degrees F, which is enough to freeze you instantaneously. As the storm travels nearer and nearer to the U.S., people start to abandon their homes and travel to the far south. His son, Sam, and a group of his friends manage to find their way to New York City's public library, where they take shelter.

I think this movie does a great job showing that treating our earth poorly will kick back on us, and we will have to act soon before it's too late. But the scientific aspect of this movie is pretty far off, but it is a science fiction.