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The Day The Earth Stood Still 1951 2009

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By Stephanie Grohol on
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The Day the Earth Stood Still was a classic that had been made in 1951, but has recently in 2009 been remade with updated and better special effects. There were a lot of similarties and also differences in the original and in the remake. This movie was about what happens when a man from outer space appears on Earth and tells them if they do not stop causing wars and such, their world will be destroyed.

The differences in the movie:

In the original movie, the ship looked like a flying saucer. The updated version, the ship was a huge sphere that looked like a planet. The robot was the same in both, but bigger and tougher looking in the remake. In the orginial, they killed the alien, but was brought back to life by the robot. He was never killed in the remake but he had a suave which aided in healing. In the remake, there was these little metal creatures that was destroying the civilizations and the people. He sacrificed himself to save mankind. In the original, he just gave a warning, a promise, and an invitation.

All in all the updated remake was very good in comparision to the original. Of course, the original was good for its time with the technology and special effects it had in 1951. With the remake, this movie had a lot more technology and better special effects to work with. I watched both and also enjoyed both once I was able to watch them.