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The Dead Zone

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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The Beginning

The movie starts off with a guy named Johnny Smith whos happy with his life. An accident happens that changes his outlook. He wakes up from a coma 5 years later. So much had changed and you feel bad for a guy or anybody to wake up in his situation. his situation will not be without benefit. Although the benefit that becomes of him is not out of his own chooseing but instead I would call a gift from God. Still though it reminds that a bad thing can possibly be turned into something positive and not just accepted as something negative which really is uplifting and motivational when someone or even my self might be in a bad situation.

His God Given Gift

He basicly has psychic ability by touching someones hand and seeing bad things that could become of them before they happen or even past events they didn't realize. I'll leave it up to you to watch to see what all happens in the storyline. I will say part of the movie for me was predictable but not easily predictable as I guessed what would happen later and it turned out to be true. Maybe I have the mind of Stephen King after all he wrote a book based on the movie.

His Benefit To the World

Later on in the film the guy does a major thing to benefit the world with the gift he has, and thats most important above all else for me.