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The Devil Wants To Be Born Now

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This creepy movie tells about a ghost that wants to be born in this world. It is said that some people are "doorways" for evil to enter human's world. Casey is the chosen one. Realized that she has been haunted, Casey begins to dig her past. She found out that actually she has a brother, but her brother died before Casey was born. According to her father, Casey's mother died because of clinically depressed, but the fact is that she died by the ghost that wants to be born, so her mother hung herself in a mental hospital. There is an old lady named Sofi, who actually Casey's grandmother. Later Sofi tells all about her mother and the ghost. Sofi herself has a brother. They are twins. Her brother was killed by an experiment that conducted by Nazis. The Nazis believe that the twins could unravel the mystery of genetics. One of their obsessions was eye color. By trial and error, they attempted to fabricate blue eyes from brown. Some cause blindness, and some caused death. Two days later, Barto come back, but it was a ghost inhabiting his body. This experiment caused a "doorway" to open. The ghost is "dybbuk", a soul of dead person that has been barred from entering Heaven so it endlessly wanders the borderlands between the worlds, trying to find a new body. This ghost chooses Casey as the "doorway". Casey has to fight the ghost together with her relatives. I like this movie because the story line is good. It tells me about the power of God. If we believe in God, then there is nothing to fear about. The computer effect is also very nice. This movie is produce by Rogue Pictures and Relativity Media.