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If you are expecting a "Wedding Crashers" style of movie, you will be disappointed. You would think Vince Vaughn + Kevin James = Hysterical but unfortunately this is not the case.

The movie is about Ronny and Nick, two best friends that own a business together. Ronny has an idea for a new style of Hybrid Engine that only Nick can develop and pitches it to a Chrysler executive. After a funny and over the top pitch, they land a contract with Chrysler for their new engine design and the movie starts there. Ronny, single, decides now is the time to propose to his girlfriend and looks for a good place to propose. While looking for a good place to propose, Ronny accidently witnesses Nick’s wife kissing another guy. Now here is “The Dilemma”….what should Ronny do you do next?

The problem with this movie is that the humor is too silly to be a dark comedy but not silly or funny enough to be a good “laugh out loud” comedy. The Dilemma is predictable; the drama is over the top and unnecessary at times. Vince Vaughn plays the same kind of charter he usually does, which I like, and Kevin James is funny but both actors seems held back by the writing.

Billed as a "Dark Comedy", the movie really misses the mark. For me a good dark comedy would be like a “Cable Guy” or “Rushmore”. These movies had dark undertones and even a dark and violent storyline. "The Dilemma" just seemed to have awkward moments, some unjustified infighting and some over the top “it would never happen” scenarios. I will hand it to Vince Vaughn and Kevin James for doing the best with a bad script. I wish they would have taken this movie in the direction of a funny comedy instead of trying for the Dark Comedy.

This movie seemed confused on whether it was going to be a funny comedy or a dark comedy and to me this movie felt forced, like the funny moments were cut short to keep it a Dark Comedy. In my opinion this would had flowed better and been a better movie if they let it become a funny "Lough out Loud". The movie wrapped up poorly with the super happy ending, which again, is more of a funny comedy ending rather than a dark comedy ending. So again, if you are expecting to see Kevin James like “King of Queens” or Vince Vaughn as he was in “Wedding Crashers” you will be disappointed. If you are a fan of Dark Comedies, unfortunately you will be disappointed also. Overall I would say catch it on TV, it's not worth the rental. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1578275/