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The Dog Can Stay

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When I was diagnosed with allergies, especially dust mite allergies, my doctor told me to buy an air cleaner for my bedroom. He explained that we spend more hours in that room than any other room in our house, so that's the best place to use it.

I bought another brand before this one. It worked well, but was noisy. If I was in the room below my bedroom, I could hear it running. I assumed they all made that much noise and kept it until it died.

I researched a few models I found at Lowes. The Whirpool was the best one for me. It is not a small item, so you need a place where it can sit with no obstruction in the front or sides.

This fan has 3 speeds. Normally, I prefer medium, mostly because I like the fan noise for sleeping. Low works well too, but I feel that I'm getting more from the fan if it's running faster. In the past, I rarely used high. If I wanted an afternoon nap and there was more noise than at night, I'd turn the fan up to high and that helped block the noise.

Since we got our puppy, who is now 75 lbs. and 9 month old, our house has seen more dust than I've ever seen in my life. I don't know if there is something about her coat that holds onto dust or if she stirs it up from the carpet. The carpet is shampooed and vacuumed regularly, so I didn't think there could be that much dust left. It is not hair that we're finding on furniture, it's dust and a lot of it. I can dust today and within two days see a white coating on the furniture again. If I leave it a week, it looks like it hasn't been cleaned in months. I've never seen this before with any of our previous dogs.

About 10 days ago, I was cleaning (again) when I happened to think of my bedroom air cleaner. I wondered if it would make any difference in the amount of dirt in the other rooms. So, it was moved to the living room. We placed it near the back door and the door leading to the garage as this is where most air flows through and are places the dog passes the most. The fan was set on medium and we left it on all day, but turned it off at night.

I am very happy to say that this fan has made a major difference in the amount of dust in this house. I no longer need to dust every other day. The fan really isn't meant for a room this big with a vaulted ceiling, so we'll probably look for a bigger one for the living room and move this one back to the bedroom.

The fan makes typical fan noise, but it's not as bad as my last one. We can easily watch television and the fan isn't a big issue. If it was one, it is easy to turn it down a level or turn it off.

Maintenance is very simple on this model. The front comes off and there is a carbon filter that they recommend you replace, but we use the vaccum on it and it works fine. The same for the Hepa filter. It has never been replaced, though with this much extra dirt to deal with, we should buy a new filter now and then instead of saving money by vacuuming.

I would have recommended this air cleaner a month ago, but after seeing how much difference it has made with the dog's dirt, I give it 5 stars.