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The Dragon Island

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For you who have travelling hobies.. maybe this place will make you feel "excellent". Why ? because this place will let you know about "Komodo" ( I like to call it as "Dragon"). This place's named "Komodo Island" because in this Island, dragons are live in.

Komodo Island lie in west side of Nusa Tenggara Timur Province, very close with Nusa Tenggara Barat Province of Indonesia. This Island has a large about 1.817 km2. In 1986 UNESCO reward this National Park as one of world heritages.

Komodo also known as "Varanus Komodoensis", "Dragon", and also "Ora". Story about Komodo Dragon has published long time ago at "Hindia-Belanda" newspaper by "Peter A. Ouwens" in 1912. I heard, It also became an inspiration of KongKong Movie in 1933.


little about the Dragon : Dragon Komodo has long two until three meters, with weight about 70 - 100 kg. This reptile are carnivor reptile and also kanibalism. They can eat their friend if they didn't find enough food or meal. Komodo have speed about 20 km/h when they run. They also can climb and swim. Be careful with their teeth, , , because it contain many kinds of bacteries that can make you die in some minutes.


Beside Komodo, in this Komodo National Park you can also swiming and take a look how beauty is the bottom sea of Komodo Island. To enter Komodo National Park, you must buy a ticket about $ 15 or if you're Indonesian you can only pay Rp 75.000 (equal with $ 7.5).

Are you interest? just fly to Indonesia and get travel agent to Komodo National Park. ^_^