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Hi there, its been long since I've last wrote my review. Now, I'm pretty free since it is the beginning of semester for me, and homeworks are not as cruel as before. Well today I'm going to write about my little old friend here, the one who's been enveloping my pedis for the whole winter this year, that is my Old School Vann's Shoes.

He's ruged, elegant and stylish. The first thing that caught the attention of other shoes wearer at this foot-house is its boxy pattern. Look at the pictures, stylish isn't it? The pattern give some sort of contemporary mixed with punk and bandboys look, walking in it on the street will remark you as a band guitarist, or a Topman's dandy on other people's eye. This shoes fit nicely with my black Edwin's Jeans, cause the brown and red box pattern will shine out of those black background, its good to wear dark so that people will notice your very feet, although Vann's are commonly noticed as one of the most eye-catching footwear out there.

Well, enough about comforting other people's eye, now its time to talk about how comfortable you'll be in this shoes. See any lace? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. The best thing about this shoes is that you'll waste no minute tying up the shoe lace. Just 2 second to shove your feet in. No need to bend on your knees to reach for that lace, stand up with pride and fit in your feet while giving a smile to your friend who's been waiting for you at the front door. This shoes really help me a lot especially when I need to make some haste to go to the lecture during my overslepted days. Believe me, this shoes understand what does it means to be a student and an imsomniac at the same time.

This shoes has already come to its dying breath, since its too old and torny, I decided to dispose him to the back of the fridge and get a new one, also Vann. But guess what? I realise that, its been quite a long time since I've been with this shoes. It recalls me of how long lasting this shoes can be, and I even wear it for many occasion. Skateboarding, playing futsal, snowfighting, and yet this shoes never let me down. I'm brave enough to say that this shoes also has a reputable endurance such as those timberland's labourer boots out there. So, although it may seems fragile to you, but it is actually far more furious than what your eyes are meeting with.

For about 70$, I'd say it's a worthy bet to make. Feel yourself into it, and you'll see the difference.