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The Dream Hunter By Sherrilyn Kenyon

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Beth Benson By Beth Benson on
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A Dream-Hunter is a child of the Greek gods of sleep. They have no emotions and at times incorporate or participate in human's dreams just to borrow certain emotions. But when Dream-Hunter Arik finds himself inside of Dr. Megerar Kafieri's dreams, he can't get enough. Arik wants more than to just borrow emotions, he wants his own, and he wants to share them with Megeara... He wants to have this experience so intensely that he is willing to make a pact with the god Hades for Arik to be a mortal human man for two weeks under one condition; he has to return to Olympus with Megeara's human soul as a sacrifice.

The Dream-Hunter, Arik enters an unknown world and unknown circumstances. Now that he has found a dreamer that's psyche can fill his individual emptiness, can the real dreamer be adequate to respond to all of his questions? I guess the ultimate question is; can he sacrifice the one he loves?

Sherrilyn Kenyon's newest novel, The Dream-Hunter, is beyond amazing. She finds a way to dray you in with a unique sense of humor, erotic moments, as well as some unforgettable characters. Arik will steal your heart as you follow him through this unknown world and wait for his final decision and end consequence.

I highly recommend going to http://www.sherrilynkenyon.com/ and purchase The Dream Hunter for $8. You will be swept away in her magical world of gods and goddesses! I have never been dissatisfied in a book from this author yet!