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The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook

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Anyone who reads Oxygen magazine or any of the sister publications like Clean Eating or Nutrition magazine knows all about their fab 50 columnist Tosca Reno and her Clean Eating lifestyle, if not, she is a beautiful young looking 50 year old woman, she competes with many 20 somethings in figure competitions and comes out on top. But she wasnt always like this with her toned and muscular figur, she used to be quite overweight until she decided she needed a change and started eating clean.

Eating clean means the obvious no sugar, fried foods, no processed foods, everything is made at home and using fresh healthy ingredients.

The Clean Eating Cookbook is all in color, on glossy pages, you will see photos of some of the recipes and Tosca for inspiration.

The first recipe chapter starts off with breakfast, where you will find recipes on crock pot porridge, cottage cheese pancakes, egg white turkey scramble and tons of oatmeal recipe variations. In this chapter you will also find a section for smoothies.

The second chapter you will find recipes for soups and broth's like squash and flax soup, country style beef soup, creamy pumpkin tofu soup and others.

Next comes a chapter on grains, i found this chapter helpful as i wanted to add more healthy grains to my diet but had no idea at all what to do with most of them, i have made many recipes from this chapter and love them all and not to mention my diet now includes health grains to keep me full!! There are recipes for quinoa and couscous like one of my faves - quinoa with sundried tomatoes, there is also different recipes for rice dishes that i love in this chapter, and a section that explains the difference and benefits of different oats, like pinhead oats, groats, rolled and steel cut and instant oats.

Chapter 4 is for sauces, spreads and salsa's, homade applesauce with cinnamon, hummus, yogurt cheese, and lots of bean spreads and dips. You also get a one dish and easy meals chapter, a section on how to make healthy stir fry's. A section on how to choose healthy proteins and recipes, also bread recipes, this is the other chapter i use alot! You actually will find a recipe to make Ezekiel bread!! Tosca adds two variations one for making in a bread machine and the other making the old-fashioned way by hand! Recipe's for protein bars, bannana applesauce bread, carrot bread.

There are so many really good recipes in here that you will use for sure, all are very healthy, some have alot of sweeteners added like honey or molasses, so if you are diabetic, replace with half the amount as i do, or use splenda or stevia! The recipes are very simple and easy to understand and not at all complicated, great for the absolut beginner, each recipe includes nutritional info for those counting carbs or cals.

The one thing i dont care for in this cookbook is that there are alot of recipes for the same ingredients like rice, oatmeal and beans over and over again, but that could be a good thing for those that eat these 3 things alot! Over all i really got alot of use out of this cookbook when i was just starting out in my clean eating, but have since found better recipes but i still love this book!