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The Eight Legged One!

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Confession time: I was one of those kids who bought into the Beanie Baby fad. Yep! I wanted to collect them all and I hoped that one day my collection would be worth a lot of money. Unfortunately, gold and untold amounts of cash are not embedded in these little guys, cloth and beans are.

The fad that was once so rampant ended up dying out, and these little critters didn't seem to live up to their estimated worth in those Collector's Manuals.

My family got pretty into helping me to grow my collection and my grandparents knew I wanted Inky. I don't remember how much they paid since it was many years ago, but I'd say it was over $5.00.

Inky is soft and is made from all new material. He is made of polyester fiber and PVC pellets. The label says, he is surface washable. He has a cute V-shaped mouth and wide-open, curious eyes. In his head/body, there are beans (pellets). There are none in his legs. His label says he was handmade in China. He is about 6 1/2" long and at his widest point, on his head, he's about 3.25" wide.

Out of all the Beanies Babies I have, and trust me, there are tons in storage, Inky is my favorite. He isn't packed away somewhere. I know exactly where he is. I always loved his pink color. I mean, really! Who has seen a candy-pink octopus?! Not me, until I saw Inky.