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The Elder Scrolls Iii Morrowind Review

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By dyland on
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Morrowind, the third installment in the Elder Scrolls series by the ever so wonderful Bethesda Softworks is yet another expansive role play game to add to their impressive collection of works. Although now it seems out dated and poor quality, i am yet to see a game with such a colourful array of content which is seemingly endless.

First thing first i will talk about the missions, odd jobs and quests you may embark on during the story line. After beginning the game you soon realise confined is far from an appropriate describing word, as you start to take part in the main quest you are bombarded with literally hundreds, possibly thousands of side quests to accompany the huge central plot. From small money-making schemes to somewhat larger journeys into the wilderness of Vvardenfell (where the game is set). This totals to hundreds of hours of total gameplay, all sure to not disappoint.

The next notable thing that distinguishes Morrowind apart from the rest of its class are the numerous items with many uses that fill and create the world to a very realistic standard. Unlike most games Bethesda have ventured to make Morrowind the peak of realism with many, many choices of what to wield, place, sell and buy. No, there isn't 5 weapon choices, nor 15, not even 100. There are literally several hundred weapons to wield depending on your preferences, many of them 100% unique. This also goes for apparel, spells and many other possible item. The world is your Callop ;)

Not only does Morrowind have hours upon hours of high quality gameplay it also had hours upon hours of high quality story and plot. If you like novels and video games Morrowind is for you. The extremely dense plot is accompanied by pages upon pages of solid text which reinforces the background story to once again help create a realistic world. This is then all accompanied by two expansions packs Tribunal and Bloodmoon, which together almost double that which is already there. The three combined (Game of the Year Edition) make an unbeatable game in every aspect, coupled with the millions of mods made via "Construction Set" (the program used to create the game now available for free download) make a game truly intended to go down in history.

Thank for reading, i hope you can all experience this game like me :)