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The Essential But Flawed Ipod

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A friend of mine just took a class in Ipod DJing. Don't laugh, this is the future. Heck, it's the present at most of the clubs I go to. And of course there is the ubiquitous amateur Ipod jockey phenomenon sweeping house parties across the nation.

Well, I love my Ipod, that's certain. But I have to say, it's mainly because I love music and there just isn't a worthy competitor in the marketplace yet, at least in my opinion.

Let's see...battery life? This is famous, google it. They are not replaceable, and they don't last, so once it's gone you pretty much just have to get a new Ipod. Which is probably part of the master plan anyway, judging from the schedule of updated Ipod releases from the company.

Durability? I believe they used to be tougher actually, but today's Ipods are scratch magnets. I use a screen protector, but that adds bulk, which is not what you're after in a portable device.

Basic usability? I get a kick out of this, as Apple is supposed to be the headquarters of user friendliness. But if you've ever tried to surf someone else's Ipod at a party, you know that there is something seriously lacking in the interface. These devices hold so much music now, and sure you can categorize and subcategorize them to infinity, but scrolling through megalists of titles just feels so...2007.

Of course if I lost mine today, I'd have another purchased before bedtime. I just look forward to that time when they are, say, voice activated or something.