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The Essential ' Ozzy Osbourne'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This Ozzy feast is full of great Osbourne tracks, the kind of music we all like to hear. It is ‘Essentially' his very best.

The CD that I own is new, as I just bought it, prior to my summer experience at OZZ FEST, in the Gorge at the George, in Washington State. I promise this CD blows his terrible OZZ FEST performance out of the water. Of twenty concerts in my lifetime, that was the worst. I still can't figure that one out.

The first track is ‘Crazy Train', a great all time favorite of the OZZ fans ‘round the world. It is followed by ‘Mr. Crowley', a song about the man who wrote the Satan's Bible. It is A pretty lame song, I never liked it.

The #3 is ‘I Don't Care', is another great OZZY tune, this one being LIVE with Randy Rhoads. It is followed by a few songs that are OK, ‘Suicide Solution' and ‘Goodbye To Romance'. These two, are OZZY hits, but not for me.

The three BEST songs on this album / CD are as follows:

#6 ‘Over The Mountain', my second most favorite song by Ozzy, that reminds me of my teenage years. I am 41 now, and still loving this one.

#7 ‘Flying High Again', from the same album in the 80's, has to be the most popular from that era. I love this one also. It is a piece for the true rebel. It is a song that gave Ozzy his success from the breakup with Black Sabbath. He has come back in this one to top the charts and to keep ‘Flying High Again'.

#8 ‘Diary Of A Madman' is my favorite one of them all. Here you get a true sense of who this "Rock Monster" really is. He sold me on this awesome 80's tune, and this made me the fan that I am today. I love the Spanish flavor at the beginning of this one, and the song rips my mind open, as I feel much like this song portrays. I am a true Ozzy fan, even though I criticize the Ozz Fest performance. If OZZ Fest had this one, I may have been a happy camper.

‘Paranoid', ‘Bark At The Moon', ‘You're No Different Than Me', ‘Rock ‘n Roll Rebel', ‘Crazy Babies', ‘Miracle Man', ‘Fire In The Sky', and ‘Breakin' All The Rules' top off the first disc in this two disc set. Every one of these are classic OZZY tracks, each getting a 100% rating. I can't tell you how much that these songs have made me a Rock ‘n Roller, but I assure you that these tracks played a great influence on me throughout time.

There are only 13 tracks on the second disc. ‘Mama, I'm Coming Home' starts this one out, followed by ‘Desire', an awesome later, trick Ozzy performed in old Age.

‘No More Tears', a popular song that hit the airwaves upon release, comfortably cushions the impact of the next Title, ‘Time After Time', A song that almost is my favorite. This song is in my top 5, and I usually play this over a few times, before I allow the rest of the CD to play.

‘Road To Nowhere' is next on the list with a powerful slant on Rock ‘n Roll. This one preludes the all time great track, ‘ I don't Want To Change The World', a live version of the hit that fooled the world, and changed the face of the OZZY sound.

The #7 song on disc #2, is ‘Perry Mason', which conforms to the newer type of Rock ‘n Roll that is today's norm.

‘I Just Want You', is the 8th track on this second disc, and is a very different song. I really like this one, as OZZY shows that he can make hit after hit after hit. It is a song that has a personal over tone when he says" I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired", which, in itself is the mood that drives us all to music in the first place. This is a song that stands out.

The 9th adventure on this CD, is ‘Thunder Under Ground', a very strong riff that I really did not expect. I have never heard this one before, and I see now, that I obviously missed an album purchase. I am impressed with this one, as I have just played this one again, to absorb it. I can't believe this title ever got past me.

‘See You On The Other Side' preludes the last three songs on this disc. It is a favorite of mine also. I love to crank the stereo up full blast, and partake in my party privileges when this one comes on.

Last but not least are three awesome licks that sort of revamp the collection, and enthrall some powerful lyrics upon the audience. I love them all. These three are as follows: ‘Gets Me Through', "Dreamer', and ‘No Easy Way Out'. ‘No Way Out' explains the hard time we will all have in trying to avoid living this life over again.

If you truly dig some excellent music, you need to grab this greatest hits album / CD up and place it in the CD rack. I promise, that even though OZZY is getting old, these tracks only lead to the finish line. He claims to see us on the other side, and I think that means, if we ever get rich. I love this CD!