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The Everything Vegetarian Cookbook

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I became a vegetarian a few years ago. Since I am surrounded by carnivores, I had to learn to cook my own meals if I wanted to try new things to eat. I began by asking for vegetarian cookbooks for Christmas. One of the books I received was The Everything Vegetarian Cookbook. It was written by Jay Weinstein. He is a National Public Radio commentator and a professional chef.

I noticed right away there were not any colorful pictures of food in this cookbook which was sort of a let down. There really are not any illustrations either. I guess the lack of pictures is the reason this cookbook is such a good price. This cookbook is a paperback. It is also a nice big size so when I open it up and put it on the counter it stays put.

When I first looked through the recipe titles I found many recipes which looked very good. I could not wait to try them. This cookbook has about 200 pages. It has 300 healthy recipes. There is a two page introduction and then it gets right to the recipes. I liked that this cookbook is broken down into types of foods starting with salads, like most cookbooks.

I especially like how at the bottom of each recipe page the author has included a helpful hint or interesting piece of information pertaining to the recipe above. For example on one of my favorite recipes Tomato and Black Olive Bruschetta, the helpful hint is titled Which Olives To Buy. The author tells us to try not to buy canned supermarket olives. He tells you to buy imported olives in a glass jar.

This cookbook is not all tofu and veggies. I was glad to see there is a section with desserts too because I love to bake. I have made the scones and the pumpkin bread. They were pretty good.

I have tried about thirteen recipes in this cookbook. Many of them were delicious and I will make some of them again. With others, once was enough. My new favorite breakfast food is spinach pancakes. I would not have eaten those five years ago. A lot of the dishes I make from this book smell so good, the carcass eaters in my family love to sample what I make.

With vegetarian cookbooks, I am trying lots of new foods that I did not know about before. I feel better when I eat healthier.