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The Face That Found A New Friend...

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I've been using Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil facial wash for about ten years now. I find it perfect for my sensitive skin that can’t decide if it wants to be dry or oily. (I tell ya, I’m a typical Gemini, right down to my skin).

I remember the first time I used it. It was just after a dance class (back in the days when I used to be really fit. Oh, the days). Being in a hot room with no ventilation, my face would always feel really irritated and sting like mad. I was always guaranteed to break out in rashes the day after a class.

I'd bought the facial wash earlier on that day, so as soon as the class was done, I took my hot stinging face to the changing rooms and used the wash. The stinging sensations started to subside - I felt this minty, tingly, fresh sensation all over my face – what a relief! (It was like in those cartoons where the guy's butt is on fire and the look of total relief when he puts it out in the water!)


The main ingredient - tea tree oil (which gives it its green colour) - is an essential oil that prevents spots and blemishes from rearing their ugly heads. It's also what gives the skin the minty, tingly, soothing feeling. There's also something called 'Allantoin' which also has skin-soothing properties. Vegetable glycerine is another ingredient in there which makes the skin feel moisturised without feeling greasy. (I know glycerine works ‘cos my mum’s always mixed pure glycerine into her skin creams – gives it that 'moisturised-but-where's-the-grease?' feel to it). The tea tree oil also gives it a menthol smell which I find refreshing. It's like the way you feel when you eat minty or menthol chewing gum.


The 250ml bottle is £5.50 which lasts a good couple of months or so. Compared with other facial products I've used in the past, I feel the Body Shop's is great value for money.


Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash is not half bad great for combination skin, soothing and affordable.

I wouldn't swap it for any other facial wash. Not even if you paid me £5.50!

Ok, add a bar of chocolate, and you're on! :-)