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The Fire Inside!

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Throat Spray

Rrraaarrrgghhhh! Sore throat pain! I hate it! EVERY time!

I'm one of those blessed with a reoccurring strep...whatever.

I'm not much for being sick in the first place.

Colds? Nah.

Flu? Uh-uh.

Pneumonia? I've heard of it.

Fever? Not so much.

Sore Throat? Y'sir! Strep! When you care enough to suffer the very best!

Y'know, it seems some carrion hunter has managed to sink a talon into your tonsils and drag ‘em all the way down to your (Excuse me Ladies) Adam's apple?!?

It looks like Andy Warhol took an x-ray of your gullet.

All involved just plain hurts!

Waddya do? Me? Grab the cepacol, fire at will (whoever that is!)!

That wintergreen flavored concoction has been a med cabinet sentinel my entire life.

Well, it's actually been some few years since I've had a good case of uvula gone nova.

Thought I might have even grown out of it, what's the use of getting older if you can't leave some things behind huh?

Yeah, silly rabbit! Segue Winter 09'

Hello CVS @ 1:a.m.!

Where's it at? Here? no.

There? NO.


What have those modernistic progressive product manufacturing monsters done with ol'faithful?!?

Wait! What's this little white plastic callyoumawhachit with a... nozzle (?) on it?

The Angels sing!

CEPACOL! New. Improved. Completely re-packaged with a precision targeting mini-hoser on it to boot!

And... ugggh! CHERRY flavored ( I also hate chemical fake cherry flavoring!)!!!

What have they done?!? Where's my wintergreen?!?

Well, ya gotta do whatchya gotta do.

Ahhhhhhhh, instant relief! Taste disgusting, but painless.

New flavors coming soon? Please!?

CEPACOL. Get's the other red out!