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The First Co Op Super Mario Game!

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Nintendo decided to take Mario back to his old 2D platforming days with new super Mario bros on the DS. It sold very well for the DS proving that Mario was still popular in 2D as well as in 3D. It proved so popular in fact that Nintendo decided to make another new super Mario bros game, this time it was released for the wii. The big feature about new super Mario bros wii, is the ability to play with four other players at the same time rather than waiting for a player to die then the other player gets their go, no this time all four players are on screen together! As I said before the best feature about new super Mario bros wii, is the four player system. The first player plays as Mario, the second player is Luigi, the third is a blue toad and the fourth player plays as a yellow toad. Ok so they could have done better with the third and fourth player characters, maybe using some other famous Mario characters, but once you have four players all playing at the same time it is one of the greatest multiplayer experiences ever! Another feature in new super Mario bros wii is the ability to ride yoshi. Yoshi can use his signature move, which is his long tongue which he can use to eat most enemies. He can also flutter jump, which yoshi can use to reach new heights which without him you wouldn’t be able to reach them.

The actual gameplay in new super Mario bros wii plays just like new super Mario bros on the DS and most other 2D Mario games. Mario travels across 8 worlds to save princess peach who once again surprise, surprise has been kidnapped by Bowser. Mario sets off from peach’s castle along with luigi and the two toads to rescue peachy, along the way Mario comes across two new power ups that he has never encountered before. These items are: the propeller mushroom and the penguin suit. The propeller mushroom gives the player an ability to perform a propeller jump which launches Mario to new heights. The second power up the penguin suit turns Mario into a penguin, the plumber can then throw ice balls at enemies (just like the ice flower) but he can also slide across on his belly just like a penguin! Across the world Mario comes across big coins known as star coins, these coins are important to collect whenever you see one. The coins unlock videos which can be viewed at peach’s castle but also, help Mario and pals later on in the game in the secret world!

Altogether super Mario bros wii is yet another well made 2D platforming game for the plumber. The controls are well balanced, the levels are well designed and made, the graphics are colourful and full of character, and the multiplayer mode is one of the best multiplayer experiences bar none. So if you own a wii and have two or more wii remotes, you need this game even if you’re not really a Mario fan, the multiplayer will most likely win you and everyone else over.