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The Fitter

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Olin Froid By Olin Froid on
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The Fitter is a piece of rehab equipment that is not commonly found in most clinics or exercise gyms anymore, but still has some benefits for exercise and strength. I would like to give you an overview of some of its best uses. The Fitter is a small, oblong shaped piece of equipment that has two plates on the top for your feet (or hands-more later) and it slides back and forth while you stand on it facing forward, so your body movement is from left to right. The bottom of the Fitter has resistance bands that can be added or taken away, and this allows for changes in the resistance of the motion, the more bands the harder you work.

The benefits? This is a small piece of workout equipment, so it is easy and portable for the space you may have if it is big or small. The Fitter is a resistance tool, so any amount of work you do will be met and you or the client using it will be challenged for sure.

Also, with a little creativity, you can use this for something other than leg and trunk strength. You can use it for the upper body as well! When someone wants to use it for the upper body, you can place your knees on the ground and hands where your feet go and work your upper body and shoulder stabilization. This is a great tool for the upper body as well.I can't say I have any complaints; this is a good stable small piece of equipment that is sadly not as prevalent in the rehab setting like it used to be. But rest assured, it should be in your rotation of exercise tools!