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The Forbidden Kingdom

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April 4, 2008 films in the United States King of Kung Fu, two of China'sOligomerization top kung fu star, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, they represent different styles of performances. Film focuses on a kung fu obsessed American boy Jason (Michael Angarano decorated) a chance to find in antique shops Jin Gu Bang wishful through time and space to return to ancient China, and in Jackie Chan and Jet Li as two martial arts master Lu Yan and the silent monk escorted adventure, and finally defeated the forces of evil.

Kung Fu, it is a long period of training and hard-won! Martial artist has his, you can paint with your fingertips, the pig also has his work, meat can not touch the bones! From the visible, thus invisible, from virtually realize the true meaning, you can not no longer be troubled movements, martial arts can also become Highlights! A musician to the highest level, you can add life to music, a great poet, a king will be touched by his poetry. This is also the martial arts! Effort can not explain in words can only sense it like water! Because the water is all-pervasive, being able to wear the so-called water stones, it does not contend with the opponents face, but from the side through to the rival, is formless and has no symptoms, the real effort in your heart, only you can release them!

This is a very good effort to explain, I hope my friends like.

There are a lot of foreigners come to China to learn Chinese martial arts, Chinese martial arts is extensive and profound, which has a lot of deep content, not able to understand the immediately!

In short, "Kung Fu King" there is great entertainment. Movie computer effects and live martial arts very well balanced. The best part is once again see the re-interpretation of Drunken Master Jackie Chan and Jet Li vs. neat and violently. Think about their career moves, "Kung Fu King" of a move to a potential audience are like a huge favor. Friends did not want to pay close attention to see, a very good film Oh!