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The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

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These HD Vision WrapArounds Sunglasses fit over your normal prescription eyeglasses.

These were a gift from a well meaning relative who was concerned about my corneal health (and was also aware that I am always in need of new things to review in SharedReviews.Com). At first, I must admit, I thought that they were a bit hokey.

After I gave these sunglasses a chance, they have sort of grown on me. They truly will fit over most normal prescription glasses, and if they don't fit, the company provides a coupon in the package to receive special larger sized HD Vision WrapArounds absolutely FREE (just $6.99 for postage and handling) - No need to even return your original Wraparounds.

They do seem to reduce glare and they are not overly dark. As such, they do seem to enhance your vision. They have a tinted side panel which allows you to have decent peripheral vision. The package claims that these glasses have 100% UV Protection.

A car visor clip is provided. The clip is a great idea, but its construction is quite lightweight and difficult to get onto a thick visor. Every time I use it I think it is about to break. However, the visor clip makes my HD Vision Wraparounds available when I need them. Note: the instructions say 'Do NOT leave your HD Vision WrapArounds Sunglasses in an extremely hot location, such as in a hot car or directly by sunlit windows'. Observant readers may wonder why there are also swimming goggles on my visor (you will need to wait for a future review to find out).

In an unscientific study, my friends and I confirmed that these sunglasses do indeed fit a large range of head sizes. We were unable to find a pin head or a fat head who could not be accommodated by these glasses.

I expect that the company spends more money on advertising than on manufacturing the glasses, but that is probably no surprise.

I am quite happy with these HD Vision WrapArounds as inexpensive (about $10) back-up sunglasses to keep in the car (at my own risk).